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Tonushree Chakraborty

Tonushree Chakraborty remains a household name in Bengal both for her unforgettable films as well as her modeling panache. A go-getter, the Bengal beauty initiated her modeling career at a very young age. In her kitty, she has had endorsement deals for some of the biggest brand names of today: starting from Reebok to MP Jewellers, from PC Chandra Jewellers to Anjali Jewellers. As for her career in Tollywood, she made her debut in 2010, with the reputed director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s ‘Uro Chithi’. Over the years, she has met with both critical and commercial success, playing some intricate and fascinating characters in movies like ‘Bedroom’, ‘Koyekti Meyer Golpo’, ‘Abhishopto Nighty’, ‘Window Connection’ , ‘Buno Haansh’, ’Khaad’ and among the most recent are ‘Cross Conection 2’ and ‘Ichchhemotir Golpo’. She is currently acting as one of the lead characters, inspired by veteran actress Supriya Debi, in the very popular mega series ‘Mahanayak’ opposite Tollywood superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee. Tonushree launched her company BISTRO HOUSE LLP IN 2016. She stepped into the culinary world with her first restaurant ‘American Cave’ followed by Barbeque World.