About Us


About Us

Second Innings Sports and Entertainment (SISE) is a sports and special events marketing company based out of Kolkata, West Bengal. Founded in 2014 by Rudradeep Banerjee and Rwittika Khatua, SISE has already begun to make its mark in the world of sports marketing and celebrity management. We are proud to represent some of the biggest and most renowned brands in the sports and entertainment business.

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At SISE, our objective is simple: we aim to deliver a better and brighter future for Sports and Entertainment. We are passionate about what we do and we believe in individuals pursuing their goals on their own terms. And how does SISE help these dream-makers? We bring them closer to realizing their goals through our support. At SISE, we do things with a difference: our support does not hit a dead end with commercial attachment. Instead, we endeavour to understand the needs of the system to bring about the best for our talents and the properties we associate with.

Every day is a new beginning, taking us a step closer towards realising this goal and fulfilling our burning desire to succeed. We do not put any limits when it comes to our commitments for we believe that the more you dream, the farther you go.

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